Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these name change forms limited to brides only or can grooms also use them?
A: If the groom’s new name is on the marriage certificate, he’ll be able to use the name change forms too. If both the bride and groom are changing their last names, you can find forms here: Newlywed Name Change Kit for Bride & Groom

Q: Am I required to go through the name change process if I am only hyphenating my last name with my husband’s?
A: Yes, a hyphenated last name is still treated like a new last name.

Q: Can I start the name change process before our wedding?
A: Of course you can complete the name change forms in advance, but you’ll need a certified copy of your marriage certificate that states your new name in order to complete the name change process and submit the forms. We recommend waiting until you return from  your honeymoon to send out the completed name change forms in order to avoid having any discrepancies between your official documents while traveling.

Q: Can I complete the name change process entirely through the mail?
A: Yes, well almost. Most all agencies will accept your name change forms through the mail. One exception, however, is the dreaded Department of Motor Vehicles, which requires you to appear in person. Another exception is that if you live in certain areas of the United States, the Social Security Administration may require you to appear in person to complete the name change process.

Q: Does it cost money to change my last name?
A: Most agencies and organizations do it at no cost, but some do charge a fee. Keep in mind that you’ll also need a certified copy of your marriage certificate, which will cost a nominal fee.

Q: How many certified copies of my marriage certificate should I need?
A: One should be enough, as most agencies that require it should return it back to you. However, we suggest having a couple of copies of your certificate that way you won’t find yourself waiting for the copy to return from the agency before you can send it to the next one.

Q: Which record should I change first?
A: We suggest starting with your Social Security card.

Q:  Once I start the name change process, do I need to complete and mail out all the forms at once or can I wait?
A: The name change process can be done at your pace, but keep in mind that the sooner everything is submitted the sooner it’ll all be completed and you can move on.

Q: Can these name change forms be used to change my name outside of a marriage situation? After a divorce?
A: These forms are typically meant for recently married couples, but you could also use them to change your name after a divorce if your new last name is on your divorce decree. You can find divorce specific name change forms by clicking here: Divorce Name Change Kit. However, the forms do not apply to other name change situations.

Q: What if i don’t have the time to print out all of the forms and go through this name change process? Is there an alternative?
A:  Yes, even though we provide access to almost all of the name change forms that you’ll need we know some brides just don’t have the time or resources. In those case we recommend, visiting: New Bride Name Change Kit to order a low cost name change kit.

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